Pneumatic mechanical agitator flotation machine

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I. Content Introduction
KYF-160 pneumatic mechanical stirring flotation machine can be used in non-ferrous metal, ferrous metal, non-metallic mineral separation and sewage treatment industries. Its working principle is: when the impeller rotates, the pulp in the tip is sucked from the bottom of the groove around the impeller to the impeller blades, and at the same time, the low-pressure air supplied by the drum XL machine enters the air distributor of the impeller chamber through the hollow spindle, and through the separation. The hole around the distributor enters the impeller blade, after the pulp and air are fully mixed between the impeller blades, the pulp is discharged from the upper part of the impeller, and the discharged ore flows upward obliquely. The stator installed on the oblique upper part of the impeller stabilizes and directionally, and then enters the whole slot. The mineralized bubble rises to the surface of the trough to form a foam, and the foam spills into the foam chute. A part of the pulp returns to the impeller area for recycling, and the other part enters the lower trough through the flow holes on the wall to carry out the reelection. The slurry level of KYF-60 flotation machine is converted to 4~20 niA standard signal after detection by level transmitter. The liquid level value is displayed in the controller and compared with the set value. According to the direction and size of the difference, the corresponding control signal is output and sent to the pneumatic actuator. The discharging cone valve will make corresponding changes to ensure that the slurry level is maintained at the set value.
During the industrial test of KYF-160 flotation machine, the maximum aeration volume can reach 2 m3/m2. min, and the actual power consumption is between 107 and 113 kW.
The key technologies and innovations of the equipment are as follows:
1) Unique impeller-stator structure. The impeller adopts high specific speed backward inclined blade, large circulation and low pressure head, full suspension of pulp, uniform distribution of mineral particles, low damping direct suspension stator, and smooth radial mineral flow.
2) the innovative double foam tank and double bubble cone groove structure have foam pushing function in order to ensure the timely and smooth discharge of the flotation froth, which is conducive to shortening the foam delivery distance and increasing the foam thickness and stabilizing the bubble layer.
3) Pre-distribution directional flow air distributor. The air is evenly dispersed, the flow route of aerated slurry mixture is reasonable, the surface area of bubbles is large, and the flotation efficiency is high.
The slurry level and aeration volume of the equipment are controlled automatically. It is easy to operate, stable in operation, stable in index and obvious in energy saving.
II. Promotion and Application
KYF-160 plastic flotation machine is the largest flotation equipment in China at present. The success achieved in the industrial test carried out by Jinchuan Group Co. Ltd. has further perfected and verified the similar magnification theory of large flotation machine independently put forward by our country. It has laid a solid foundation for the complete series design theory of the single cell volume of this flotation machine from 1 m3 to 160 m3 and for improving the maturity of the equipment. Real theoretical basis and practical basis.
The equipment can be widely used in the separation operation of large non-ferrous Jinli, ferrous and non-metallic mineral mining enterprises. With the sustained and strong economic growth of China and the deepening reform of large state-owned enterprises, its application prospects are considerable.
III. Appraisal, Award-winning and Patent Status
In 2005, 8 JL 12 people passed the expert appraisal organized by China Cobalt Non-ferrous Metals Association in Beijing.
Environmentally friendly anion far infrared composite functional fibers
Li Qiang
(Beijing General Institute of Mining and Metallurgical Research, Beijing 100044)
I. Content Introduction
(1) The project is entrusted by the enterprise
With the high efficiency equipment and unique processing flow independently developed by the General Research Institute, nano-preparation technology and ultra-fine grinding technology with advanced international level are adopted. It can not only meet the requirement of maximum particle size in fiber production, but also solve the problems of blockage, wear and breakage of spinneret in the production of functional chemical fibre products, and significantly improve the tensile strength and whiteness of chemical fibers. It can also meet the requirements of multi-function and ultra-fine particle size in the preparation of paint and paint, and thoroughly solve the problems of color difference, stratification and precipitation. Value Ultrafine Tourmaline Powder^
The normal spectral emissivity of the product reaches 94. When added to polyester staple fibers, the negative ion generation of the fibers reaches 5 200/cm1, the far infrared emissivity reaches 0.88 and the Ganz whiteness 69. When 32 knitted fabrics were blended with 50% cotton, the far infrared emissivity of negative ions increased to 6 300/cn After 100 washes, the negative ions were kept at 6300/cm3 and the far infrared emissivity was kept at 0.87. Especially important is the breaking strength of polyester staple fibers up to 4.58CN/dtex. The quality has reached the national standard of high-quality products of ordinary chemical fibers.
(ii) Innovativeness of achievements
The core technology of this research is to control the maximum particle size technology and morphology modification technology in the process of ultra-fine grinding, and to control the maximum particle size of ultra-fine functional powder below 5 pm. Then, by means of homogeneous precipitation nano-film technology, adding active components with nano-porous structure and photocatalytic activity, and by means of doping, compounding and surface modification, the morphology, whiteness and particle size distribution of the powders were improved. Using unsaturated valence states of outer electrons and asymmetric structure of materials, synergistic reaction and activation efficiency can be achieved, and far infrared emissivity and negative ion generation of powders can be significantly increased. The preparation process is the first in China. Raw materials are natural and environmentally friendly inorganic mineral materials, which do not contain rare earth radioactive components, belong to environmentally friendly materials and are absolutely safe and pollution-free. High-tech means are used to chemically coat and dope the surface of spherical-like particles, resulting in a large number of free radicals on the surface of spherical-like particles and the addition of thermosensitive variable-valence elements in the interior, which makes the powders have extremely high infrared activity. The Core of the Reasons for Extremely High Far Infrared Emissivity

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